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UCP Policy Roadmap - Pomorskie perspective

Policy Roadmap, the strategic document of Urb Cultural Planning, has been adjusted to the local needs of Pomorskie region. To achieve that, the Polish partners organised online workshop "Local Guide to Cultural Plannning".

The main objective of the meeting was discussion on the version of the UCP Policy Roadmap in Polish language in the context of Pomorskie region. The partner coordinating the development of the Policy Roadmap both in its generic English version, as well as Polish version is the Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk. However, all local partners from Pomorskie region are responsible for the facilitation of the document’s implementation. The Polish translation required an extra effort on the part of all experts and partners so that its message can be easily understood and attractive to Polish users. Thus a title was chosen whose literal translation to English is “A Guide to Cultural Planning”.

The workshop was announced on the local partners’ websites and social media channels. Also dedicated invitations were issued to people who could be interested in the topic. All in all over 100 people registered out of which over 60 took part.

The participants were representatives of the following fields:

  • academia
  • local authorities
  • cultural institutions
  • NGOs and associations
  • urban planners

The participants were divided into four groups lead by local experts: Dorota Kamrowska-Załuska, Krzysztof Stachura, Natalia Brylowska and Hanna Obracht-Prondzyńska.

The groups worked in an interactive way using the Mural tool which facilitates brainstorming on-line. Participants provided their answers on  digital “stick it notes” to the questions offered on the virtual board. They also sent in their contibutions after the workshop was finished. This way a lot of very valuable comments and ideas were gathered by the experts.

Social communication was indicated as a one of the most important aspects of implementing of cultural planning. This concerns especially:

  • regular communication with the inhabitants in a clear way, with the help of visuals
  • creating a cultural-planning help desk supporting all those interested with the particular steps/procedures on their way to cultural planning
  • developing a complementary guide to potential financing instruments for cultural planning initiatives to make them more accessible to grass root activists
  • integrating cultural planning should be integrated with the existing and emerging local strategic documents
  • pin-pointing local initiatives which could serve as flagships for cultural planning

The “Pomorskie” version of the UCP Policy Roadmap updated with all the relevant local input will be available by the end of March.

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