BSCC is always ready to take part in international efforts. One of the projects run by our institution is FilmNet (for more information click here). In 2018 we started cooperation with new organisations from Poland, Lithuania, Germany and Sweden that we hope to continue to partner with in many future projects.

In 2018 we were busy visiting our partners, learning about the details of their structure and activities, and planning joint efforts for the current year.
In October 2018 we visited Szczecin Film Festival. Together with the other partners, we attended the festival showings and a meeting with local film industry organisations (including the Academy of Art, West Pomeranian Film Fund, Film Szczecin). We also visited a unique place – “I CREATE MYSELF” art gallery for children and youth, where we looked at the activities of the organisation and had fun, trying our hand at film and video techniques.
In mid-November we were the only Polish organisation to attend the conference titled “Mixed Reality Scandinavia” in Ystad in Sweden. If you like the Nordic Noir genre (as we do), you must know Ystad from the series of novels and films about Inspector Wallander. The subject of the conference was the film tourism and its programme featured presentations of tours around the locations where films and TV series were shot, such as the Irish “Game of Thrones” trail or a map Sweden arranged on the basis of Ingmar Bergman filmography. Furthermore, the organisers presented a handful of tips and good practices and a review of trends and the latest technologies (e.g. an app for exploring city locations known from books). For us, an unforgettable experience was the visit to the film studio in Ystad, where the Wallander series starring Kenneth Branagh and the Danish-Swedish hit “The Bridge” were shot.
At the end of November we returned to Sweden – this time to visit the headquarters of our partner FilmRegion Sydost in Växjö. During the stay we went to see the local cinemas and film lessons in schools and made a lot of plans for 2019.