Wilga Badowska. Szachy królewskie. Obrazy na jedwabiu
09.06.2022 - 28.06.2022

Royal chess. Exhibition of works by Wilga Badowska

Where: BSCC - The Old Town Hall

When: 08.06.2022 - 28.06.2022

Free entrance


The "Royal Chess" exhibition at the Baltic Sea Cultural Center covers two series of paintings. The first, funded thanks to the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship, is devoted to the lost coronation jewels of the rulers of the Republic of Poland. The form of the cycle that I have adopted to present the regalia and their history is based on the symbolism and aesthetics of a chess game. The reference to the royal strategy game seemed to me the most appropriate to show the changing fate of gems related to power. I have replaced the real chess pieces with artifacts related to domination and tactics. The second part of the exhibition, complementing the stories of the lost regalia, consists of more abstract paintings. Their main motif is ornaments from Queen Jadwiga's damask robes, in the form of chess fields.