zdjęcie fragmentu stroju powiślańskiego, czerwona spódnica i biały fartuszek z białym haftem
14.02.2022 - 21.02.2022

Workshops inspired by white embroidery are held as part of the Creative Waves project

White embroidery is the most characteristic element of Powiśle culture. In the past, it was put on scarves and bedspreads made of white fabrics that were decorated with it. Now, during our workshops we will use white embroidery elements to decorate clothes of participants. Thanks to the craftswoman, Katarzyna Magierowska, we will enter the folk inspired DIY world! BSCC organizes workshops as part of the Creative Waves project; they will be held on February 14-21 in Kwidzyn and are co-organized by the Kwidzyn Cultural Center (KCC).

The workshops conducted at the KCC will show participating women that elements of folk culture can be successfully used as fashion accessories. During four meetings, under the watchful eye of Katarzyna Magierowska, the master embroider, participants will learn the basics of creating white embroidery. They will try to transfer it to the elements of their own clothes – thus upcycling them by giving them a new look. Depending on the complexity of a selected pattern and individual skills, the participants will either use a needle and thread or fabric paints in the process.


Katarzyna Magierowska is an embroiderer, member of the Association of Folk Artists. Traditional embroidery of the Powiśle region has been her passion since she was a child. She took her first course as a twelve-year-old in the village of Gniewskie Pole. She is committed to broadening her knowledge of the history of this craft. She learns about it from the elderly inhabitants of Powiśle and from cultural institutions located in Powiśle: the Castle in Kwidzyn, the Castle in Sztum and the Museum of Noble Tradition in Waplewo Wielkie. She regularly hosts handicraft workshops, participates in fairs and shows.

Later in the project, the group will participate in workshops with Dorota Madej, a trainer of creative application design, who will show how to translate white embroidery into digital language.

The workshops are part of the international project Creative Waves – Baltic Sisterhood for Change. Creative Waves supports the creative and social activities of women, facilitating their way into the digital world. The project reaches female artists and activists operating in the superb, small cities and in the countryside. It supports networking between them and makes it easier for them to show their activities by digital tools. Creative Waves project is aimed at showing the role of women in the process of strengthening social bonds and building more resilient communities.

The project is co-financed by the CBSS Project Support Facility and it is co-created by Euroregion Baltic, Baltic Sea Cultural Centre in Gdansk, Kaliningrad team of activists and Estonian Women’s Studies and Resource Centre ENUT. It is being held under the project leadership of Intercult Productions from Sweden.