“Sometimes sadness, sometimes a tiny dog” | exhibition of illustrations by Grażyna Rigall
22.03.2024 - 24.04.2024

“Sometimes sadness, sometimes a tiny dog” | exhibition of illustrations by Grażyna Rigall

Vernissage: March 22, at 6:00 PM
Exhibition Dates: March 23 - April 23
Admission: Free
Location: NCK GALLERY, Old Town Hall - 33/35 Korzenna Street
Curator: Monika Konca

Due to the promotion of Maciej Głogowski's book "JKB. Jan Krzysztof Bielecki," on March 23 from 3:00 PM, the gallery will be closed to visitors.

At the exhibition, we will see original illustrations as well as enlarged copies of them. The works come from the books: "Oh, Fear!" and "The Dandelion Field" by Katarzyna Ryrych, "The Man, as He Is, Everyone Sees" by Marzena Matuszak, "The Angel Breeder's Guide" by Grzegorz Kasdepke, "The Frog in Africa" by Marek Dutkiewicz, "About a Boy as Noble as a Rock" by Jerzy Limon, and "The Deer and the Moods of Hipolit Kabel" by Roksana Jędrzejewska-Wróbel.

The title of the exhibition refers to the illustrator's works. The texts she illustrates are not always easy and joyful, but if there's a chance to include a dog, cat, or other animal in the illustration, the author gladly takes it. So, since a little dog jumped into the title, we will be tracking down the four-legged creatures appearing in her works along with the viewers. And they are practically everywhere! Sometimes they are the main characters, and sometimes they appear in the background - just to help the artist create the mood.

We'll examine them through a magnifying glass and count them. We'll also trace the evolution they undergo in the creative process - this way, we'll learn what distinguishes the original from the illustration in the book.

Grażyna Rigall has been friends with the Baltic Cultural Centre for years; her book promotion for "Baba Ali," which she created with her father, took place here, and in our rooms hang Ilustworks - mascots of her creation. These are the heroes of the illustrations that we showed during subsequent editions of the Baltic Illustrator Meetings. We really like them, and we would also like to present them at the exhibition. Privately, we know that Grażyna has a little dog and loves flowers. In her apartment, you have to move carefully not to bump into cactus spines or get tangled in plants hanging from the ceiling.

Wydarzenie odbędzie się z udziałem fotografa i/lub ekipy filmowej, którzy zrealizują reportaż w celach dokumentacyjnych i promocyjnych. Uczestnictwo w wydarzeniach oznacza zgodę na wykorzystanie wizerunku do ww celów.